About Us

About Kanine Krunchies SA
Since 2017

Our History

I was a slave to my pets’ routine-up at 6am, feeding, washing bowls, cleaning cages, training, walking and basically found myself in a comforting and rhythmic routine which pulled me out of the deep hole in which I had buried myself. I soon found myself looking for ways to better the quality of life of all my pets-why was I training Edgar on store-bought treats full of preservatives when I could easily make my own?? Always having a passion for rescue, but never enough money to do so(being a uni student sucks), it was almost a no-brainer when my best friend Sarah pushed me into putting selling my homemade, organic dog treats using her recipe, and I immediately realised I could use some of my profits to fund the rescues I work with!

So they say that life’s a journey and we all go through our ups and downs-for me, at least, I had only ever been up. Up, up and away, I soared my way through high-school and even my first accountancy degree at university, when suddenly in the midst of 2017 I was admitted to hospital, and a chain of traumas sent my now-peaked rollercoaster hurtling down at full speed. Throughout my rough patch I was lucky enough to be paired up with my now sidekick turned business associate, Edgar Allan Pug, a 7 week old pug puppy who kept me grounded and became my whole world. He and his staffy sister Disco, my 5 cats(who are now known as the Tuxedo squad) and my 2 parrots(The Friends!) became my everything. Animals ruled my life.
I think a lot of us can agree that when you get pets it simply becomes a case of them owning you more than you owning them.

I became a tiny girl with her tiny dog and we set out on this journey, creating Kanine Krunchies South Africa, baking up treats in my home kitchen each week and working our butts off at markets and pop up shops to make the lives of other animals just as good as Sir Edgar’s! Edgar has found himself becoming a little celebrity himself, with more people recognising Edgar than me at social events, and even asking where he is when I am out without him!

What Drives Us

Our Mission

We have made many friends along the way-be it the kitties at Feeding the Furballs, the parrots at Fallen Angels Bird Sacntuary, or the doggos at Freedom Ride Powerbreed rescue, and honestly, I love my job. Working with animals all day and making a difference in the lives’ of others is a dream come true and I could never be happier. I want to share life in rescue on my page, and raise as much as I can to help them-so come along for the ride!