What else was there for us to do on Heritage Day, and our first day of leave other than to dip our toes into the silky soft sand and get a bit celebratory with some cocktails to start of a killer long weekend! 👌

Beach Bums is a total must-visit if you are a pet parent who’s doggos love the beach. We called ahead whilst on the way there and the friendly managers and staff were able to get us a table under the marquee so we would be out of the blistering 33 degree heat(at 10am nogal!). The pups obviously got spoiled with some Chicken Liver Bone Shaped Krunchies 😉

Of course there was no better way to start off Heritage Day than with a Springbokkie each (if you’re not familiar with that shot you need to reevaluate your South African-Ness)🇿🇦 And then we each tested out a Jam Jar each before toddling our way down the beach so our pups could play😁

Service was on point, social distancing was great. Everyone there seemed happy, in good spirits and we even had a pod of dolphins swim past, which we gleefully watched whilst sipping on some A-grade yummy cocktails and just reveling in the long weekend vibes.